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Shri G.P. PAtel

Shri G.P. PAtel


Master in Business Administration

Education is not just about the subjects that are taught and learnt in school. Becoming educated is not restricted to being in a school, then in college gathering, certificates and feeling of oneself. It is a life long exercise that can be unbelievably exciting if only we wish to jump on to train of experience and take a trip to every conceivable place on the earth. First we all teachers, children and parents have to understand that education is not restricted to lessons taught in the classroom from text books parents and teachers must encourage children to ask as many questions as they can it will be our endeavor to provide multi faceted education to children so that they are ready to play confidently in the global word. We have worked hard on the task of setting the stage to launch not only world class professionals but also complete human being in global rid At Rewa Intermational Public School you will therefore find the best of educational faculties and also a host of extra curriculum programs to develop well rounded, well adjusted and confident young citizens. My message to the principal, Staff, students and esteem parents of Rewa International Public School is to dedicate this year to a correct understanding of what education really means and let us utilize all benefit from ts understanding in all aspect of life

Shri G.P. Patel (Retired Govt. Teacher)


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